Happy New Year! Isn’t It Time We Changed the World?

The title of this Kindle e-book is Hugs & Emotional Wealth Change the World.  I purposely did not say CAN change the world as that is trying rather than doing!  I am hoping that you will hug more people as a result of reading this book.  When people hug it is that much harder to hurt them.  What would happen if all Americans went over and hugged all of Pakistan and Afghanistan?  I know that is my fantasy but…

Wouldn’t it be lovely to create a more peaceful world?  How does that happen?  Well, I think it has to start with people taking personal responsibility.  Responsibility for their actions and that means dealing with your thoughts because they affect your feelings and thus your behaviour.  That then creates emotional wealth – integrity, compassion and serenity.  If you chose this for your life and teach it to your children and they theirs the world changes one person at a time.  What have you got to lose by trying?

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By Susan Jane Smith B.Sc.


Forget ‘Dancing Queen ‘ (song by Abba) I think I’ve become the Self-Help Queen now that my 23 books/e-books are for sale on Amazon!

I am a survivor of incest, rape, domestic violence and the miscarriage of my baby.  I spent 3 years in counselling in the U.S.A. and turned my life around personally and professionally.  I re-trained.

Over 20 years as a Psychotherapist and 5 years as a Divorce Mediator followed.  Now I am writing self-help e-books to help other people.  I hope my books will inspire you to change your life if you are sad, angry, stressed, depressed or unhappy.

My 17 e-books in the Little Book Series of Emotional Health for Emotional Wealth were written to give you a starting place – some basic information and support.  Through Amazon they are selling world-wide:  U.S.A., Canada, U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Italy, India, Brazil, Japan, China and via http://www.Amazon.com in Australia and New Zealand.

If you read self-help books please check these out:-

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Rape Not Sexual Assault

Charming Men and Chauvinists (about domestic violence)

What Passes for Passion on TV (about loving too much/obsessing)

Walking on Egg Shells (about anger)

My Drinking Isn’t A Problem!

Feeling Down?

Parenting Your Way Through Divorce

Food and Thought

Superwoman Does Not Exist (about stress)

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Alloxan, Leptin & Obesity – Connection?

I was horrified back in the Spring when I first found out about alloxan from the internet.  I could not believe that food manufacturers didn’t have to tell the public about it being in the food most people eat.  I was and am even more concerned for the health of the children consuming white bread, white flour pizza’s, cakes, cookies, biscuits and so many other products made with white flour.  It is also, apparently, in white sugar, white rice, and table salt so it is extremely hard to avoid.

Now the significance of alloxan (and you need to check this all out for yourselves by starting with a Google search of alloxan and then do one for leptin) is that because it is a by-product of the process using chlorine bleach to make our flour (etc.) white we are not required to be told that it is in our food.  It is not an ingredient.

Personally, I stopped eating white bread immediately!  My understanding is that alloxan is used in labratory animals to kill their pancreas so as to test diabetes drugs etc.  If it is capable of damaging my pancreas I certainly do not want to be putting it into my body!  Do you?

The pancreas produces insulin which we need to help process our food and in diabetics the pancreatic function is already questionable.  Why is our government, and those in the Western World, allowing this to go on without at least giving people sufficient information so that they can make their own choices about eating food containing alloxan?  By the way, I did write to David Cameron, Prime Minister of England and the current Health Secretary, Mr Lansley, when I found out about all this and it took two months for an acknowledgement letter to arrive – ignoring what I had said and just telling me about their intentions.  No one listening?

My book Emotional Health for Emotional Wealth includes a chapter on “Food and Thought” so I will issue the same disclaimer here as for my book:  whatever I say here is about my own personal experiences, observations and opinions – in no way does it represent advice nor is a recommendation.  You need to check out your own eating issues with your own medical doctor.  In that chapter you will see how our thinking affects what we eat so my comments here are purely about the physical aspects of what you might put into your mouth.  You might also want to read a blog I wrote on     12 July 2012 entitled “Food and Thought” at www.AuthorsElectric.co.uk

Now to leptin – ever heard of it?  I had not.  Let alone had I heard of leptin resistence.  Another find from the internet.  As someone who has struggled with my weight all my life I was fascinated and angry that doctors had never mentioned it – do they even understand it?  Will they test for it?  Here my understanding is that leptin is a chemical that our brain uses to tell us when to stop eating.  Leptin resistence slows the metabolism as the brain thinks we are being malnourished and gets us to continue eating.  Apparently, the natural fixers for this are vanadium and reversatrol but who has ever heard of them – can you get them on prescription?  What does your doctor say about leptin – ask, don’t take my word for this.  It seems like it is another factor in making people fatter than necessary.

Obesity in the USA and now in England may be increasing as food manufacturers are using fructose (corn syrup) in food instead of sugar beet or sugar cane.  Did you know?  It is cheaper for them to use this and thus make more money at the cost of our health?

To me it looks like fructose might have an addictive element about it.  Do you read the ingredient labels on the food and drinks you buy?  Time to start and find out exactly what you are putting in your body!


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