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Did you know that this website ( has a sister site in the making?  We recently delivered our draft to the designer for and it will launch within the next few weeks.  My business partner (Elaine Barnes) and I are very excited about this project.  We are intending to bring audio material to people with dyslexia and those people who have similar difficulties with reading.  The focus will be on emotional issues because that is where our expertise lies – we are both experienced Counsellors..

Thus, I have been reading the e-book Like A Virgin by Richard Branson to see if I can learn to think like an entrepreneur!  I admire not only his business expertise, but the fact that he thinks “outside the box”.  The more research I have done into dyslexia the more it appears that thinking differently to other people may well be a hallmark of someone using dyslexia to develop creative solutions.  Just because a person did not fit into the conventional educational system does in no way mean that they are stupid.  Being a square peg in the round hole of academia may be uncomfortable and alternative learning found.

Since Sir Richard Branson (founder of the Virgin Group of businesses) is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, what he has to say about business struck me as appropriate learning for me.  My bachelor’s degree is in business management, but from 1985, so well out of date!  Tips that I have learnt from reading Like A Virgin:- take calculated risks, be willing to change your mind or direction if something isn’t working, focus on the future – don’t dwell on mistakes, bring talented people together, communication is key – listen to customers and staff.  Above all have fun!

There is a lot of other knowledge in Like A Virgin so I would thoroughly recommend you purchase a copy for yourself if you are in business.

Watch my blogs at for more of my thoughts about what Healthy Emotions Ltd. can learn from Virgin!

Please contact us at Healthy Emotions if you are dyslexic or have a loved one who is dyslexic.  We would like to hear from you about your experiences.

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Dyslexia – Does it Affect Your Life?

A colleague, Elaine Barnes, and I are just setting up a website called for people with dyslexia and for their family, friends, employers etc.  We would love to hear from you if you are dyslexic or have been affected by it in someone you know.  Please email us:

We have also set up a Facebook Page called Healthy Emotions so you could contact us via that too if you prefer.

You can follow us on Twitter:  Elaine Barnes @HealthyEmotions

What we would like to hear from you is how it affected you because it seems every person’s story is slightly different.  We want to know what would be useful to you and what emotional impact it has had on you.

We are therapists and therefore we are coming at this project from an emotional perspective – has low self esteem been an issue for you, lack of confidence, frustration because other people don’t understand?  Whatever it is we want to know about it please.  You do not have to disclose your name if you would prefer not to do so.

Also, would having an “agony aunt” be useful for you – to have someone who will listen to how you feel?

In the meantime I’d recommend a book by Michael Ryden “Dyslexia:  How Would I Cope?” ISBN 978-1-85302-385-9


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