By Susan Jane Smith B.Sc.


Forget ‘Dancing Queen ‘ (song by Abba) I think I’ve become the Self-Help Queen now that my 23 books/e-books are for sale on Amazon!

I am a survivor of incest, rape, domestic violence and the miscarriage of my baby.  I spent 3 years in counselling in the U.S.A. and turned my life around personally and professionally.  I re-trained.

Over 20 years as a Psychotherapist and 5 years as a Divorce Mediator followed.  Now I am writing self-help e-books to help other people.  I hope my books will inspire you to change your life if you are sad, angry, stressed, depressed or unhappy.

My 17 e-books in the Little Book Series of Emotional Health for Emotional Wealth were written to give you a starting place – some basic information and support.  Through Amazon they are selling world-wide:  U.S.A., Canada, U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Italy, India, Brazil, Japan, China and via in Australia and New Zealand.

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Physical and Emotional Abuse Hurts the World as Well as The Child

Child abuse is the latest topic in my series of Little Books of Emotional Health for Emotional Wealth.  This one is called “Physical and Emotional Abuse Hurts the World as Well as The Child” because when a child is abused they struggle to become funtional and productive members of society – no matter where they live.  You will see that the book includes some guidance for governments around the world about what child abuse is and does to human beings.  It is now a Kindle e-book and is available on for 99cents US to make it affordable and at  and it will be on this website shortly.

It’s ISBN is 978-0-9553698-6-5.

Child abuse that is physical is comparatively easy to recognise – hitting, beatings, caging, cutting, burning with cigarettes, etc.  The physical impact is only a part of the damage done to a child.  The message the child gets is that they are worthless and not loveable.  This can be overcome with a lot of psychological support perferably through counselling.  And, if not with a Child Psychologist, then when the abused person is an adult.

Emotional abuse hurts just as much – putdowns, disproportionate angry responses by adults, subtle messages like “bad boy or bad girl” within a telling off.  What would be  better said is that “the behaviour is not appropriate” not that the child is inately bad as a person – no one is.

If you grew up this way do not let it lead you into situations where you are continually putdown at work or at home.  Learn to avoid relationships that may well become violent.  Turn your life around.  One of my counselling clients said “I never knew life could be so good” – join him in that please.

It is possible to change your life.  If this re-packaged section of my book “Emotional Health for Emotional Wealth has been useful do go on to read the whole book!  Create a happier life!


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