Emotional Health for Emotional Wealth

This book contains a wealth of information for overcoming past problems and is a guide to finding the happiness within ourselves we all deserve. It’s positive and informative and is based around Sue Smith’s life and counselling work so is interwoven with her own story of overcoming traumas as well as some case studies which are sometimes harrowing. This is a must read for anyone wanting to move beyond their past and get on with their life before it’s too late. 

This book offers real hope and insight to anyone whose emotional problems are stopping them living the life they want. Its power comes from Susan’s wealth of experience as a psychotherapist, combined with stories of her own personal development and those of the many clients she has successfully guided to emotional health.  A comprehensive starting point for anyone who wants to understand the issues they are dealing with and how to start addressing them.
Rachel B.

An honest and inspirational read, mapping a journey from emotional pain to a life of gain.  It is obvious that Sue talks from personal and professional experience.  A useful book for anyone who is floundering in their life right now and looking for signposts in order to find a way out.  Also a very useful reference book to have on the shelf for a working therapist like myself.

I have taken the opportunity to read your book cover to cover. I was really impressed. It’s easy to read, your conversational style is great. It was quite an emotional ride, I found myself at times in tears, and at others rejoicing. The way in which you share pieces of your journey throughout the book gives what you write a real truthfulness and you can sense that it comes from years of experience. Each chapter stands up on its own, but works just as well as part of a whole – and is a great introduction to a topic, just enough depth to help the reader understand the issues.

As I layman I found this book highly readable. It was well written, and the content easy to follow and comprehend. I enjoyed it immensely as I am certain other readers will, and it is a book that can be returned to time and time again. Doubtless, there is something in there that we can all relate to at some stage in our lives.
The author’s years of experience in her field is evident, and she comes across in a patient, caring manner as she deals with a variation of deeply personal problems.
The added information given of relevant material to those wanting to delve deeper into a particular subject is also useful.

This is a deeply moving and informative book which provides insight into a range of emotional issues. It is sensitively and intelligently written and engages the reader from start to finish like a good novel.

Written in a really heartfelt way, I felt like I got to know you –  inspirational, personal, and incredibly engaging at many levels; builds trust and hope for people with issues. I loved how simple and clear you made everything, demystifies Psychotherapy and makes it less scary for people – almost a why wouldn’t you do this result!
Great that you have included practical self analysis models, questions and tools. I love how you have woven in recommended reading material. I think it’s great that you have Client D ‘One man’s perspective’ on his experiences of counselling/psychotherapy – as really powerful message and make the book more balanced Re. Male/Female, I love how you have aimed to show a balance all the way through. Extremely thought provoking, made me re-address some ‘stuff’, so great as a follow up/reminder to psychotherapy. Inspirational, it’s prompted me to enquire about becoming trained! – you’ve made such a difference to SO many people’s lives, you truly have lived your mission statement. The content made me feel ‘normal’, it brings practical approaches and a balanced view – e.g. I love the closing paragraphs on happiness, SO true. I love the title, it does what it says on the tin, it’s simple and clear. You talk with authority, knowledge, experience and most of all your love and passion flows through.Bottom line I think everyone should have a copy, a fundamental tool for navigating life, and I agree this should be taught in schools!.