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Susan Jane Smith B.Sc. was a Psychotherapist in private practice from 1987 to 2008. She has used her twenty years experience with individuals and couples to produce information that she believes will be useful to those seeking to change their lives.

Susan believes that a person’s training and experience influences their thinking so she is including her details. This will allow you to see what has shaped the ideas in her books! Professionally she was a member (number 512667) of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

In 1996 she trained with the Family Mediators Association (member number FMA414) and in 1998 achieved Competency Recognition from the Legal Aid Board. Susan also became Accredited and a Professional Practice Consultant for the FMA. She was a member (number 0278) of the U.K. College of Family Mediators and a Professional Practice Consultant for the College until choosing to retire from mediation in 2001.

From 1987 to 1988 Susan studied at New Hampshire College in the U.S.A. for a Master of Science degree in Community Psychology. Her Father died one month before the end so she never did get that degree!

The subjects studied were:

• Study of Children and Families
• Child and Family Services
• Human Oppression
• A Field Project on Incest replaced the thesis
• Policy and Planning at the Community Level
• Individual Intervention – Adlerian Therapy
• Health Management Information Systems
• Counselling Skills:
• Person-Cented Therapy
• Existential Therapy
• Transactional Analysis
• Behaviour Therapy
• Rational-Emotive Therapy
• Reality Therapy
• Integrative Perspectives
• Ethical Issues

During this time she became the Founder of the New Hampshire Incest Center, U.S.A., a charity to provide information and referral to adult survivors of childhood incest.

From 1984-1986 Susan was Director, Concord Rape & Domestic Violence Crisis Center, New Hampshire, U.S.A. This work included crisis intervention, counselling, and legal advocacy skills for a hotline and refuge management. Coordination of multimedia public education activities. Development of volunteer and staff training.

Her professional training in this post included:

• Domestic Violence Orientation
• The Battering Syndrome
• Suicide Intervention
• Rape & Crisis Intervention
• Sexual Assault Victim’s Contact Procedures
• Psychological Aspects of Sexual Assault
• Stress Management
• Group Dynamics
• The Fear That Binds Women
• Homophobia
• Police Procedures
• Domestic Violence Record Keeping
• Assertiveness
• Long-range Planning
• Family Violence
• Child Abuse
• Self Defence
• The Legal System
• Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
• Community Services
• Family Violence Research (Conference at U.N.H.)

Susan was awarded a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management in 1985 from Franklin Pierce College, Concord, New Hampshire, U.S.A. She had undertaken that studying whilst holding the post of Director of Lawyer Referral & Public Information with the New Hampshire Bar Association, Concord, New Hampshire, U.S.A. So from 1981 – 1983 her work was the development and management of a state-wide legal service program. She was responsible for the administration/financial systems, attorney recruitment, community outreach, staff training and supervision. Susan coordinated several volunteer committees of lawyers and judges. Paralegal training at the University of New Hampshire plus active listening and counselling skills were required.

Susan has continued to be dedicated to her Continuing Professional Development:

2004 – 5 The Health Creation Programme
Dr. Rosie Daniel
18.9.03 Essential Eating Disorders – 8 hours
National Centre for Eating Disorders
11.4.02 Outstanding Leaders Seminar – 3 hours
Dale Carnegie
9.2.02 Reiki Level II – 8 hours
Reiki Master: Maureen Anstee
20.5.01 Reiki Level I – 8 hours
Reiki Master: Maureen Anstee
24.10.00 Professional Practice Consultants National Day – 7.5 hours
Family Mediators Association
13.4.00 PPC National Day – 7.5 hours
Family Mediators Association
13.12.99 Welfare Benefits – 8 hours
Family Mediators Association
7.7.99 Domestic Violence Screening – 8 hours
Family Mediators Association
1.7.99 Mediation Business – 3 hours
U.K. College of Family Mediation
17.6.99 Sole & Anchor Mediation – 8 hours
Family Mediators Association
25 & 26.5.99 Supervisors Training – 16 hours
Family Mediators Association
25.11.98 Accreditation
Family Mediators Association
9.11.98 Preparation of Mediation Summaries – 8 hours
Family Mediators Association
16.10.98 Children’s Issues 8 hours
Family Mediators Association
1.10.98 Certificate of Recognition
Legal Aid Board
18.9.98 Mediation Skills Update 8 hours
Phase I
Legal Aid Board Mediation Pilot Project Mediator
Nov – Dec’95

Foundation Training in All Issues Mediation
Family Mediators Association